Saturday, November 28, 2015

How to update avast antivirus offline

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This video will show you how to update your avas antyvirus offline, This is a great trick, every time you update your antyvirus online and it take so many time to update. but when you update your antyvirus offline, It take some time to update your antyvirus.

Lats gate starte your antyvirus update offline.

Step1: Goto the website and download the antyvirus virus defination. 

Step2: And it install your computer easy.

Monday, November 23, 2015

How To Get 600+ Friend Requests Everyday

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This video will show you How to How To Get 600+ Friend Reqests Everyday. Facebook is a social network site this site connect all the people in one place. Today's life socile network is the most poopular site and every people connect one place of this socile network site.

Watch this video and learn how to increase your facebook frind

Sunday, November 22, 2015

How to create a online private photo album


 This video will show you How to create a online private albume. this photo album is save your photo on online savedly.

This photo album stay with you forevar, And you go every where jast click user ID and passowerd. This all of photo you upload on online quick visit you.

Step1: Goto searce engine google.

Step2: write "photobucket" and enter.

Step3: Sing up on this side, and upload your photo and video.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

How to accept facebook friend request at once

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This video talling you how to accept all the facebook frind request accept at once. When many frind request me to frind, That not posiball to accept all the frind request at once, But you got an idea all the frind request accept at once.

Step1: This application dos't support any other brouger. This application only support crome brouger.
goto searce engin and write accept all the frind request at once. click the first link.

Step2:Add this application on your crome brouger.

Step3: Login your facebook account, And click the i-con on your brouger. And add your all requester frind.                       More help: "Watch this video"

Friday, November 20, 2015

How to remove your virus without any antivirus windows 7 xp 8

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This video will tell you how to remove your computer virus without any antyvirus. This virus are to denger in our computer, this virus dead our computer, our computer is so slow by this virus.

Stap1: Goto your computer screen and enter Windos key+R togather  here is the run box abalabal here.

Stap2: Here is the run box open, enter %temp% and click ok, weight some time all the virus fill is open here, dellete all the virus file, and now clin your computer virus.

Explain better watch the video

How to create a folder without any name

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This video will show you how to crteate a folder without any name. Well create a folder is very simple, but create a folder without any name is so tupe, We all time save data in this folder and give a name, but anyone try that without name folder, today our topice is without name folder.

Stap1: First create a folder

Stap2: Enter Alt+0160

Jast simple create a folder without name, Explin very welly watch this video